Z-Infestation in Penguin World │2018

A mysterious disease Was discovered In the coldest parts of the Penguin world. It has unique and interesting properties To the penguin genome. Persistent to overwhelming pain. Increased lifespan. And Highly efficient immune system.

But, What They didn’t realise, is what the Disease did when the Host had its last Breath?.

3 Weeks after the discovery.. Most of the world was Contaminated. And people Began to have health beneficial immune system. But, those who died of old age or accident. Came back to life as something else. Something That was hungry and wanted to Survive. And maybe Grow?

5 months after. In the city of Icle. Every since Icle Power plant got contaminated It began spreading Grey cold smoke around the City and most of the Surrounding area For Weeks. No Sunlight almost no rain. The city was consumed by darkness And The Terror of the ones that were once living, and the few survivors, Who were trying to survive or adapt to they’re new Reality..

Created by Artist Klaus Skovsted / AlexiaWay