Tri Force Heroes _ Dark Diner │2016

Green hero couldn't find his friends blue and red. And the sun was going down.
On his mitts of searching, he found opening? on one of the wooden structures.
And there was a diner?. He walks in, and everyone was looking at him. It was, monsters and creatures. He was reaching to his sword.
And then: OH IT'S ONE OF YOU CREATURES. Welcome. Yells one of the monsters who's behind the bar?.
Green walks slowly to the man, and everyone slowly looks away. The large Monster says: what will it be. Green looks at the menu.
And then the man says. Or are you here for your friends?.
Green looks around.

he could see a 2 shield and swords, beside a curtain.
And he could hear, music?.
Green walks with haste to the curtain. He opens the curtain gently, he sees his two friends.
Then Blue sees him. And green says.

what!, are you two doing?


The Legend of Zelda:
Tri Force Heroes

is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo...

Created by Artist Klaus Skovsted / AlexiaWay