The Magma Sisters │2018

his skin body and hair. can resist Extreme heat and cold..
though not necessarily what he’s wearing?

But that’s what he gets when he hasn’t asked for any help in a few months?
and because of his skin, they will of course give him a hugs and kisses, just to let him know that they have missed him. and he shouldn’t be shy summoning them, even if it’s for just a small thing.
but who can blame them, of give him all this attention. he is the first person they have a contract with, where they can actually get near The person that’s summoning them without hurting them, and even giving a hug? and kisses?.
though he doesn’t always appreciate the attention.. because he needs New pair of clothes afterwards 😉

The 3 sisters
is a part of a family lineage. and tradition. there family has have a long history of being summoned, to a person who is worthy of their contract, and power.

though, this boy is not necessarily worthy, by accident, this boy summoned them, instead of asimple scouting bird.
but when the sisters got near to punish him into flames. they found out by surprise. that only his clothes burnt? not even a dip in there warm Magma, didn’t Heard him not a bit. The only thing he got was a heat stroke?. they were very surprised. they have never really heard of any creature that summoning them, from their family lineage. that can resist they’re warm touch. and because of that, they decided to make a contract with him. but which one?..

The sisters couldn’t decide and even argued. on which one should have him.
For all three of them he’s like the most cutest Pet and Summoner that you can actually cuddle with?. A whole day and a new pair of clothes in his case rent by until they decided? on all three of them?
and apparently he had nothing to say in the matter. and has made a permanent summoning contract, with them.

Though he did find out they were really nice girls. and apparently one of the best babysitters in their city, as their side job?.

But, for most people in the overworld. they are like the most horrifying summonings you can summon to a fight / tournament.
or even if you want to? burn and destroy a city.
and apparently with all three of them you can even destroy a good size Kingdom or nation?!

so as you can guess
the boy will get in very serious trouble if a nation or kingdom realize that he can summon these girls


Created by Artist Klaus Skovsted / AlexiaWay