the Moonchild Witch │2017

She’s one of the Chosen born to be part of a Moonchild Power. They are usually called princesses Because of the energy evolving them of their power And The symbol of a crown. But for her, she got the Cursed Moonchild (Also known as the jealous moon)

It’s a very rare occurrence Moon Power. And for mostly children who gets this mark. gets a very horrible faith… But, her family didn’t see it as a bad thing?. Because they were witches (from a family line who doesn’t get Treated well from the witchery community. Because of past, History)

For them they saw it as something may be? Positive. Something that can make the Witchery community. look at them with a positive light. So they can see Their family, have changed…

But, at the end it didn’t go well. And overtime, she was not called by her name..
instead, she was called: The Moonchild Witch

Created by Artist Klaus Skovsted / AlexiaWay