A New Fire, A New Beginning _ Dark Souls III │2018

This place of Silence. A home. Slowly crumbling into dust, Letting the dawn of light Seeping in. And Amber flowers Has grown out of the Ashes And dust, Seeking a red light of comfort, around This new flame. And here She sits enjoying the Amber flowers. In This Old Place, of Comfort. and Silence.

When I Began Creating this. It should have only been the bond fire, As a practice drawing / small video. Because I was trying to Damba down my depression. And also because I had a nice playing session with my friend in Dark Souls III. A game I really like. Not only for the story, but also for the challenge and Fighting mechanics. But as you can see I Began to put more on it Until it became its own little soul. ^^


Created by Artist Klaus Skovsted / AlexiaWay